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Plant history

“Hrazdan – Cement” Plant started it’s operation as a division of Hrazdan mining-chemical plant in 1970, which was restructured into the Hrazdan cement plant in1977. Our production was widely used in Republic of Armenia, was exported to the republics of Transcaucasus and Russia. 80% of our production was used in construction of strategic military facilities of the USSR.

The company is situated in the city of Hrazdan and occupies an area of 540 thousand square meters. The plant has two technological lines with total capacity of 1.2 mln. MT of cement and 1 mln. MT of clinker annually. Excellent raw materials, own marl limestone and clay mines plus high demand for our ptoducts create firm basis for rapid development of CJSC “Hrazdan- Cement”.

The product line of our company consists of about 10 types of Portland cement. Presently the plant produces Portland cement PC 400, Portland cement PC 500, Portland cement PC 600, as well as sulphate-resistant and road cements (M 500). The company also produces high quality clinker.

Due to high quality our cement is widely used in the construction of crucial civil facilities (bridges, dams, roads, tunnels etc.).


Our products

Portland cement with mineral admixtures M 600

Portland cement with mineral admixtures M 500

Portland cement with mineral admixtures M 400


Contact details


Arutyun Pogosyan

Chief Accountant

Robert Qoqobelyan


2301, Armenia, Kotayk, city Hrazdan, Gortsaranain 1


(+374) 223 2-73-73

Sales department

(+374) 77 01-31-00

(+374) 77 20-01-80

Purchase department

(+374) 77 03-30-70

(+374) 98 74-74-60


+374 223 2-06-70